Frequently asked questions.


Frequently asked questions about album design:

If you have additional questions not answered here, please contact us here and we will be happy to assist you.

What is your price?

I am only the designer and not involved with the printing, so the price is only for the design.

There are two price tiers for the design, photographers and one-time designs.

The price for design is straightforward and per spread. The printing prices, on the other hand, can vary depending on the album size, cover type, and other variables. You will need to contact your printer about the printing prices.

You can find all the design pricing information here.

Where can I see design examples?

You can see many design examples here.

How many images should I choose?

Please read about this in the terms of service here. Mainly, chapter 5.5 (in File transfers.)

How many spreads do you recommend for a wedding?

The number of spreads you choose for your album will depend on your budget and needs. The only two costs of an album will be the design and the printer. The price for design is per spread. You will need to contact your printer about the printing cost.

Another factor in choosing the number of spreads will be how many images you want in the album. For this, please refer to the previous question, “How many images should I choose?

Most of our clients design 35 spreads for weddings, 25-30 for bar\bat mitzvahs and 15 spreads for a small event such as a bris or signing book. It’s up to you how many spreads you want in an album. Please see some album examples here to get an idea of how many spreads you may want for your album.

What if we want to make changes for parents in a wedding album?

Some couples request to make changes or add additional spreads to a wedding album for the parents.

Design work for parents is not included in the original album design order. It would be charged by time (100 NIS per hour.) Please read chapter 6.4 of the terms of service here.

6.4 Album orders will apply for work done on ONE album only — for a married couple or for a family member. Requests for changes or any other work on an album for parents are not included in the revision service and will be charged according to work time.

Design work for parents may be requested only after the original couple’s album is approved for print.

What do you need from us in order to begin?

The first step is to register as a new client by clicking here. After creating an account, I will send you instructions on how to create a new album design order.

Do you do large blow-up pictures?

I can design such a picture but it would not be included in the album design order. You would need to provide me with sizes and instructions so I can give you a price estimate for the design only. You would need to contact your printer for the printing price.

How long does the design work take?

Please see chapter 6 (Workflow and timetables) in the terms-of-service here.

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